Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cheap reads

First, let me point out for anyone who may not be aware of it, you don't have to own a Kindle to read Amazon's Kindle books. There is a Kindle for PC (and other devices) FREE here:

FREE Kindle for PC

Sure the Kindle device is great. I love it, but not everyone is ready to plunk down that much cash for an e-reader. However, there are great bargains for books on Kindle. Why pay $10 to $30 dollars for books when there are such great bargains on good books for the Kindle for under $5... some under $1? And you can download a sample for free, so you never get stuck with something bad!

Now I admit that I'm self-promoting here. I would love people to try out my Wings of Evil. But there are hundreds of other good books to try for Kindle as well, for little more than the price of a candy bar.

Take a look at this list of 99 cent books on the Excuse Me, Miss Blog. She also has a list of novels under $5. The world of books has changed with Kindle and Nook. Don't miss out on it!

Of course, I'd also love for you to read my Free short story Uncertain Harvest.

As an update to our progress with Wings of Evil, in addition to Amazon, it is now on Smashwords and is going through the process of being approved for Nook. We are about to put it into a paperback edition for sale on Amazon as well and that should happen within the next day or so. Becoming an indie author is a complex process I'd like to discuss further in future posts.


Gedguy said...

Can you tell me what sort of genre 'Wings of Evil' is written in?

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Gosh, I hope so since I wrote it. *grin* It's young adult fantasy. I should have mentioned it, so thanks for asking. By the way it is available on Amazon UK for a whole £.70.

And great to see you, Gedguy. I haven't seen you at any of the usual haunts lately.

Gedguy said...

Hi Jeanne,
I've been working lately and haven't had much time to do any writing. Hopefully that will change soon. I like science fantasy so I will purchase your book from amazon and give it a read.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

That's nice of you. Thanks. I know what you mean about lack of time. I've been pretty patchy myself at being around for most of the last year.

Gedguy said...

I've Kindled your book and will read it over the next week then let you know of my criticism.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Hehe. In that case, Ged, I'll hold off my thanks until I hear the criticism. ;)

Just kidding. Criticism is always appreciated.