Friday, February 25, 2011

Reviews and the Hard Part

I'll try not to whine here, but getting reviews--or rather not getting them--is killing me. I don't quite know what I'm doing wrong.

What have I done?

Well, I emailed every blogger I could find who reviewed indie-published fantasy with a request to do a review. About 10 of them expressed interest in reviewing, so I sent out review copies. Now, it is too early to see results from that. Most bloggers have a back list of novels to review. I mean, I'd love results within the three weeks since Wings of Evil came out, but that would be pretty much a miracle.

What worries me a lot more is Amazon, Nook and LibraryThing reviews. As soon as the novel went live, I posted offering review copies. I gave away 20 on Amazon, 5 for Nook on Nookboards, and 5 on LibraryThing. After about two weeks, I haven't received a single review. Not one. I would expect them to trickle in. After all, a lot of people do have a TBR list, but not even one review out of 30?

Maybe I'm not realistic in thinking they would start this soon? Maybe 30 review copies isn't enough to get results? I'm really not sure, but the lack of reviews is really tough to get past.

I'm thinking over what to do, and I'm not sure of the solution.


subrosa said...

Jeanne, there's still time. I was asked to review a - yet unpublished - book before Christmas and I only managed to get round to it two weeks ago. Because I was reading a friend's work I felt I had to pay it special attention and finding 'special attention' time proved difficult.

I certainly wouldn't have objected to a reminder email from my friend. Something like 'was it too lengthy?' or 'if you found the plot too complicated do let me know' would have been fine.

Good luck.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Thanks! I'm sure you're right.

I'm just being over-anxious but this whole "the publishing world just turned upside down" thing has me biting my fingernails to the quick.

Oh, do you like fantasy? LOL

Ryan Sullivan said...

Hey, Jeanne. I've just joined your blog.

Maybe you're "overthinking what to do". You're on the right path - you're doing all the right things. But it does take time for things to pick up. Re-evaluate at the end of each month and decide if what you're doing is working.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Thanks, Ryan. I think I'm just over-anxious because the whole thing is so new, for me at least. Thanks for joining my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne

I am one of those people that you got a copy of your book on Amazon, I have to finish the book I am reading currently before I can get to your book. I dont know how long time there will go before I will be done reading your novel, english is not my first language so it does take a little longer reading english books, I just want you to know I have not forgotten about it, the review is hopefully coming during march :)


Jeanne Tomlin said...

Hi Lassie,

Thanks for posting. It's rather rude for me to sound like I'm pushing people, so I appreciate you being so nice about it. People have other books on their to-be-read list, which I realize, even though that doesn't keep me from checking every day for reviews. Hehe

Whenever you get to it, I will appreciate the review.

Fred said...

I'm curious. What's the benefit of getting a review? Spread the word?


J. R. Tomlin said...

Why reviews are important.

This seems to me like the stuff of a post, so hold off will you, Fred? I'll write a long reply and post it today or tomorrow. This is something I've discussed at some length on some forums.

It's worth repeating here. Thanks for asking. :)