Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Amazon Hates Me Giveaway

To be honest, I doubt that it's anything personal. I doubt that Amazon has ever even noticed me, but, frankly, that's no comfort.

To make a long story long, a week ago I uploaded my novel, Freedom's Sword, to KDP to be published for Kindle on Amazon. For of you who don't know, that's how an indie author such as myself gets our novels published on Amazon for the Kindle. It's usually a pretty simple process once you have a novel written, polished and edited, have a cover for it, have it formatted in HTML. Well, maybe not so simple to do, but uploading is normally the easy part. You hit "I own Worldwide Rights" and set a price. Forty-eight hours or so later you have a novel for sale on all of the Amazon sites worldwide. Most of the time...

But when things go wrong, it's not pretty.

I now have a novel for sale in the UK. I have a novel for sale in Canada. Try to buy in in the US? You are told it is nor available here. A week and a number of emails to Amazon Customer Service later, it's still not fixed. They will. One of these days. Probably later this week. Maybe.

So in the meantime it's for sale for the regular price of $2.99 on Smashwords. Well, I decided that I should have an "Amazon Hates Me" Giveaway. I mean I've done all this promotion and now I feel helpless and, frankly, put-upon. So this will make me feel better.

Please go to Freedom's Sword and use Coupon # JN34T. It's good for One Week!

And please enjoy. That is what would make me really feel better!

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