Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Please Do Historical Fiction Readers a BIG Favor

Please contact Amazon and ask that they put in subcategories under Historical Fiction. At the moment, Historical Fiction is a huge dumping ground where everything from prehistory to Regency romances and WWII adventures can be found. This means that readers have trouble finding what they want to read.

It is no secret that Historical Fiction readers can be incredibly picky. I plead guilty here. I don't read Tudor fiction. I don't read Historical Romance. I DO read medieval fiction, but mainly medieval war fiction. Well, they're not going to break it down that close, but how about they give us a STARTING point instead of dumping everything together. 

There are Amazon subcategories in categories that are no larger than Historical Fiction. Fantasy has them. Science Fiction has them. Historical Fiction needs them.

Amazon doesn't make it obvious how to give this kind of feedback. I admit that. But it's not hard once you know how.

Just go here:

Click on the "Contact Us" button on the right and log into your Amazon account. You are then sent to a page with a variety of choices. The first question Amazon ask is "What can we help you with?" You click the "Something Else" button on the right. 

The second question is "Tell us more about your issue". You get a drop-down menu and choose, "More non-order questions"on that. Then you get another drop-down menu where you can choose: "Give Amazon Feedback" and "Opportunities for improvement". 

Then you FINALLY get the chance to type in something like: The Historical Fiction category needs subcategories. It is too hard now to find the kind I like to read. Barnes & Noble has subcategories. Why not Amazon?

I wish they made it a little more straightforward but it's only a couple of choices and when I did this, Amazon did respond. I think the problem is that we've been far to quiet on this issue. Amazon just added a lot of subcategories in Fantasy and Science Fiction. I believe they will in Historical Fiction as well IF readers tell them they want this.

Yes, it will also help me as an author since it will make my novels easier to find. But as a reader, I am tired of Amazon making novels harder to find than they need to be! 


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