Saturday, August 9, 2014

Letter to Hachette Publishing

Dear Mr. Michael Pietsch, 
CEO Hachette Publishing,

As an author, although not one signed with Hachette, I want to express my concerns about the Hachette position in this dispute. Hachette has consistently resisted negotiating with Amazon and refused the offers Amazon has made to try to take authors out of the middle of this dispute which should be kept between the two corporations. Instead you are trying to use authors as leverage. Let me point out that there are many authors who support the position of Amazon. You will not achieve your goals by using authors as your tools.

I hope you will decide to negotiate in good faith with Amazon which I do not believe you have done. Your insistence on trying to keep e-book prices artificially high is bad for the entire industry. In the meantime you need to stop trying to use your authors as leverage and accept the Amazon offer to help them for having been caught in the middle of this dispute.


J. R. Tomlin

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